Princess Celestia
((Announcement: Troubling Times))


I am sure that more than a few of you have noticed that my blogs have not been updating as of late. Unfortunately I am here to tell you all that despite a number of hectic and uncontrollable catastrophes slamming into my life, none of those having anything to do with the lack of progress on these blogs. To put this as bluntly as possible, the recent take-downs of the Princess Molestia Blog and the Jan Animations YouTube channel have forced me to reconsider my position as a tumblr blogger in the pony fandom. Hasbro has been incredibly aggressive at striking down fan content and disabling content creators in the most harsh legal avenues available to them, and I finally believe this behavior has progressed to a point where I am now at risk myself.

As a budding content creator, and a manager of my own independent video game development studio, I have been intending to expand my love of the pony fandom into a larger series of fan content starting with, the Empire 2033 Audio Project, the Metro 2033 crossover and radio show at However, I was also advancing on development of at least one major pony-related novel, designed for release on fimfiction, and another unannounced project of which I cannot divulge any details at this time. All through this I have been planning to commit to a new long-term strategy on Ask-Princess-Celestia, via a page redesign and the delivery of new and unique content, and revitalizing the Rainbow Dash Tumbls blog into a new and improved ask blog format. All of these changes and projects have been slowly pushed back in the wake of the Fighting is Magic takedown and have only ground to a complete halt in response to the most recent C&Ds ordered by Hasbro. Barring any news from Hasbro themselves, I must either cease all of this work immediately or risk being branded a criminal for freely distributing these blatant professions of my love.

With no other choices as of today, March 22nd 2014, I have decided to temporarily suspend all pony related blogs and projects under my direct control. These blogs and projects, listed below in greater detail, are considered to be on indefinite hiatus until fan-creator relations with Hasbro improve. Until such a time, they will remain inactive.

I am very sorry to all of my friends, fellow collaborators, fans, peers, partners, and followers, but I feel I no longer have any choice in the matter. If Hasbro wishes to wage war, I will simply choose not to fight them. This is the final word on the matter unless the tone of the dialog in this discussion changes entirely on the part of Hasbro.

Here’s hoping this post does not ruin anyone’s day,

The Amazing Mr. X

List of current projects:

Ask Princess Celestia - On Hiatus / out of character asks will be answered / all Role Plays canceled.

Rainbow Dash Tumbls - On Hiatus / asks will be ignored.

The Wishing Stone is Awesome - On Permanent Hiatus / asks will be ignored.

My Little Metro / Empire 2033 tumblr - On Hiatus / Disqus comments open / asks will be ignored.

My Little Metro / Empire 2033 Twitter - On Hiatus / no future tweets.

Amazing Mr. X Fimfiction - On Hiatus / no stories will be posted.

Amazing Mr. X YouTube - Active / MLP content will be made private / no further MLP content will be posted.

I will continue to be available on Skype for RP or discussion to the people that already know me there. I apologize again for having to take these measures, but I do not wish to be made a victim of my own possible success. I’d like to extend my apologies to the talented voice actors and actresses who had promised to help with Empire 2033, as well as the exceptionally skilled artists who have helped me in the past with my various blogs and websites, and finally all of the wonderful content creators out there who have helped spread the word about my projects and helped breathe light into my various tumblrs. To all of of you people, thank you, I am eternally grateful for every little thing you’ve done for me, and I hope that we may work together on other projects in the future.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone out there who was a fan of my work, across all of my various blogs and projects, thank you all so much for sticking with me throughout the years. You guys are awesome, and I only wish I could continue to freely and legally provide you with the sort of content you’ve all come to expect from me. Sadly, it just appears that this will not be possible moving forward.

I will update my blog if anything changes, but for now, I can only leave you with this lone message.

Goodness me! There are oh so many ponies following me now! I still remember the days when it was just a few dozen of you! Thank you all so much for taking an interest in my humble little tumblr, I really cannot thank you enough! Hopefully I will continue to produce the sort of content that brought you to follow me in the first place! Only time will tell for sure, but I certainly do have my hopes!

((Thanks to equestriamakesfriends for being Celestia’s 1,100th follower!))

So Twilight's been teachin' me about astronomy and stuff and...well. Are you gonna go all red and explodey when you...y'know. Kick the bucket? I kinda like Equestria not being consumed in hellfire, y'know.

When I kick the bucket? When I kick the bucket, Rainbow Dash? Well, I never! Of all the presumptuous and preposterous things one could possibly ask! It is unthinkable, utterly unthinkable that anypony would dare to insinuate that I can and would in fact be capable of ceasing the act of living! Just to think of all the religions and belief systems that would be utterly destroyed at such a terrible revelation as that! It is outrageous, positively, utterly, and completely outrageous. You should be ashamed for even providing the intellectual mechanism for general consideration of such a ludicrous and unbelievable train of thought as that! Utterly ashamed I say! Even outrageously ashamed!

…completely correct, but ashamed.

As if it is not bad enough I have to lie about my age, now the price of flame retardant materials is going to skyrocket as well.

What's the deal with yer firebird?

Philomena? Oh, she and I have been close friends for some time. Most might understand her as something of a pet, but I always viewed her as more of a close and personal friend. She has always been there for me when I needed her most, and I have always been there for her.

She is also quite single, if anypony is interested.

Hi princess Celestia. How are you doind today?

I am “doind” quite well, actually. Though, I must ask, is that a typographical error on your part or am I simply behind on the times again? I could have sworn the word used commonly for the last few thousand years was “doing” in such a scenario. Though, then again, what do I know? I am a politician , not a writer.

this may sound a bit strange, but have you seen queen chrysalis lately?

It is something of a strange question, but that only makes it all the more fascinating to answer. For you see, I really have not seen the Changeling Queen in some time. Though, from your question, I suppose I probably should have. To that end, I agree, it has been far too long since that whole invasion mess. There are a lot of things the two of us should be discussing in the wake of that event, and the lack of dialog over the time that has passed is just a tad worrisome.


Good morning to you too, Twilight. Good heavens, I never quite expected to see you up at such an hour! You do still sleep, correct?

Oh, pay no mind my silliness, that was just a little joke of mine. I wish you a pleasant morning, Twilight, and a wonderful beginning to the new day!

hello celestia!

Why, hello there! A very good morning to you, good citizen! Can I be of service to you on this fine morning?

"Hello Celestia." *something emerged from shadows* "How is YOUR day..."

Oh, well, hello there. MY day, has started nice and early for a change. Of course, I always prefer to get a jump on these things. I am sure most ponies would understand that. Even when the sun is not quite up yet, there is still important work that needs to be done. Still, this may have been a little bit too early. I suppose I may be paying for it in the afternoon, but we shall see how that goes.

So, on any random day, what kind of music might be playing in the Castle? Anything fun?

Oh I suppose just about any music that might be defined as “fun” would be playing in some part of the castle at all hours of the day and night. Canterlot Castle plays host to a myriad of social and political events ranging the full gamut of social structures and colorfully creative reasoning. If it is not ballroom dancing or some upper crust party, it might be a charity event or a rave. Even if it is none of those things, I guarantee you that it is all too likely to have music either way.